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Blue2CAN for Nikon is an integrated solution for geo-tagging digital still images with GPS data. It uses a Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit, combined with industry leading Nikon D3X, D300, D300S, D800, and D800E product lines to directly capture geospatially referenced images. It provides the easiest, most reliable collection method today.

"Blue2CAN accurately matched photos to their GPS counterparts for real world images of facilities."
-Ryan Smith, Electrical Systems Consultants Inc.

Geospatial information (Lat, Lon, UTC etc.) from the GPS receiver is encapsulated in metadata tags of every image taken. For JPG files, the geospatial data is stored in the industry-standard EXIF tags. For RAW files, the metadata is maintained by RAW image workflows and stored in EXIF tags when RAW files are converted to JPG.

Blue2CAN plugs directly into the 10-pin connector on the front of the camera without any cables. It uses a small amount of power from the camera to operate its Bluetooth radio and connects automatically to any Bluetooth-GPS receiver in near proximity. There is "zero configuration" required-just plug it in, turn on your GPS receiver, and start shooting-no buttons to push except the shutter!

To learn more about why Blue2CAN for Nikon is still the best DSLR geotagging solution in its class.

Note: You must purchase a Bluetooth GPS receiver independently. The GPS receiver can be mounted on the camera, carried in your pocket, or put on the dash of your car.

Blue2CAN Product Brochure

Please note Red Hen is not a Nikon dealer. Please Click here to find a US Nikon dealer.

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