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VMS-333 Basic Kit

     VMS-333 is a video mapping system that speeds up ground and aerial data collections with a simple installation of the equipment and automatic data capturing. Just connect the GPS and camera, or video recorder, to the VMS-333. The VMS-333 will automatically geotag photos, videos, and audio notes. Then, view your data in Google Earth with IsWhere, our geospatial media mapping software.

     Use RHS' VMS-Mobile Android app, a remote utility for the VMS-333, to customize feature names during the patrols that will readily appear with the mapped videos as labeled placemarks.


Blue2CAN V2

     Blue2CAN V2 is a simple plug-in for Nikon 300, 300S, and D800 cameras that geotags digital still images. Use Blue2CAN with any Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit to automatically record the geographic position of every picture you take. With this information, the location of each image can be shown on a map. Blue2CAN V2 plugs directly into the front of your Nikon camera without the use of any cables. It uses only a small amount of power from your camera to operate its Bluetooth radio and automatically connect to any Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit in proximity.

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