Geospatial Mapping Products

Red Hen Systems constantly innovates leading and reliable solutions with our unique geospatial mapping systems to fulfill your GIS requirements.

Road Assessment Kit

Video Mapping System Kit

Real-time geotagging technology


Geospatial mapping software
Geospatial media mapping-geotag videos and photos with an Android app-mediamapper mobile

MediaMapper Mobile (Gov)

Geospatial mobile mapping software, an Android app to collect and map geotagged videos and photos

Blue2CAN V2

Convenient solution for remotely geotagging Nikon imagery


Geospatial software to converts GEM videos to MISB compliant full motion video format

Multi-Video Panel Generator and Synchronization Tool

Synchronize and combine multiple geotagged videos

Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit

Locate objects from a distance
RAK Silver includes one camera and other devices to accurately locate infrastructure. Manage your pavement effectively.

Road Assessment Kit

Locate sidewalk, and paved and unpaved road conditions

Google 360 Virtual Tours

Boost your visibility

AC Power Adapter

External Power

Intercom Adapter Cable

Record Commentary

Nikon 10 pin Adapter Cable

Connect a DSLR to the VMS-333

TruPulse 360B Trigger and Data Cable

Map Ranged Features of Interest

Vectronix PLRF25C Trigger and Data Cable

Map Ranged Features of Interest

Video Mapping System 333(Unit Only)

Real-time geotagging technology

GPS Receiver

RHS Certified

DC Power Adapter Cable

External Power

Video Mapping System Decoder

Decode and Map GEM in real time

Feature Trigger Cable

Map Features of Interest

PTT Handheld Microphone

Record Commentary

Battery Expansion Bay

Mobile Power for the VMS-333

Serial Adapter Cable

Geotag Sensor Data with the VMS-333

GPS Serial Adapter Cable

Connect an alternative GPS Receiver

Pipeline Leak Detection Kit

Locate methane emissions with optical gas imaging, mapping, and analytics with laser