Geospatial Products

Red Hen Systems constantly innovates leading and reliable solutions with our unique geospatial media mapping systems to fulfill your GIS requirements.



Video & photo mapping software
mediamapper mobile-android app-geotag photos and videos

MediaMapper Mobile

Turn your Android into a GIS data collector

Video Mapping System

Real-time video & photo geotagging
RAK Silver includes one camera and other devices to accurately locate infrastructure. Manage your pavement effectively.

Road Assessment Kit

Geotag & map road conditions in real-time

Pipeline Leak Detection Kit

Methane emission location with optical gas imaging, mapping, and analytics with laser

Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit

Geotag & map objects from a distance

Media Geotagger

Geotag your 360 videos


The perfect solution for anyone who already owns Nikon camera and wants to add valuable GPS data to their images
Geospatial media mapping-geotag videos and photos with an Android app-mediamapper mobile

MediaMapper Mobile (Gov)

Geospatial mobile mapping software, an Android app to collect and map geotagged videos and photos