In 1997, Red Hen Systems developed a video mapping system to help crop scouts identify and locate weeds and pests in the field. This mapping system opened the door to a new frontier of uses for geo-referenced imagery -- imagery that showed you where something was, what it looked like and when it was seen. Geo-referenced images embedded in maps suddenly increased the value of the mapped information and provided essential information to decision makers in energy, natural resources, security and defense, transportation and asset management.

Red Hen Systems Today

Red Hen Systems founded in 1997 and headquartered in Fort Collins, CO is a geospatial metadata solutions provider rapidly bridging dynamic markets from conservation to energy, military to transportation, and utilities to satellite imagery. Red Hen Systems goes beyond basic telemetry data collection and GIS geotagging image applications by providing agile metadata strategies for high definition video mapping systems, along with servicing, educating, and training a variety of high profile clients traversing relevant enterprise GIS markets. No matter how complex the issue or technical the situation, Red Hen Systems can provide on-site or virtual guidance to assist clients with leveraging mission critical technology solutions. 

Our company enables professionals to collect multiple streams of data simultaneously that includes full motion video (FMV) and still images, GPS coordinates, time and date, and data from lasers, optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras, atmospheric sensors, etc . Consultation services, data analysis, data storage, customized mapping, and onsite training complete the offering.