BOREAL Laser AB Webinar

By: Magaly Mori

How to use a Boreal Laser Gas Finder AB for Methane Detection: a Webinar
Tuesday, May 24, 11am-12:00pm, MDT 

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Learn how to:

  • Set up a Boreal Laser Gas Finder AB and use it to measure methane emissions in the pipeline corridor. For aerial and ground patrols. 
  • Integrate Red Hen Systems hardware and software with a Boreal Laser to geotag methane emissions data and see results on Google Earth or ArcGIS
  • Maximize return on investment 
  • Minimize post-processing time; streamline data analysis  
  • Compile fast and accurate emissions detection results for your clients
  • Q&A

John Selby, Sales Executive at Boreal Laser Inc, will be a guest speaker during the webinar.

For more information email or call (970) 493.3952