GEM2MISB Webinar


GEM2MISB Webinar

  • Convert video collected with customer-off-the-shelf cameras (COTS) to MISB-compliant KLV.
  • View FMV and analyze MISB videos and their associated tracks in ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop 10.X or PAR GV3.0.

Who benefits?

  • PAR users who would like to use smartphones or off-the-shelf video cameras to produce MISB geotagged videos for GV3.0.
  • You're an ESRI user and your camera does not create geotagged videos for viewing on an ESRI map.
  • You use Red Hen Systems GeoVideo and your Red Hen GEM videos cannot be decoded by ESRI 10.X.

For more information visit our GEM2MISB page, call (970) 493.3952 or email