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Innovative video mapping technology automatically locates infrastructure and natural resources

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Feb. 13, 2018 -- Red Hen Systems (RHS), a Coloradoan based geospatial company with more than 20 years of experience locating infrastructure and natural resources, is helping businesses make strategic decisions for maintenance and conservation projects with Video Mapping (VM) technologies. During a ground or aerial survey, the VM system automatically captures the position of the asset and geotags the entire video in Google Earth. Businesses, such as engineering firms, helicopter pilots, wildlife surveyors, and emergency responders to name a few, are using VM software and hardware to assess powerline, and pipeline conditions, and monitor animal migrations and flooding. Stop wasting time by monitoring assets manually. Download the Iswhere trial for free, a VM software, and save time today.

Video Mapping Technologies Applications

  • Engineering firms: Four Front Design (FFD), a South Dakota engineering firm uses VM to manage the company's building, infrastructure and construction projects. "Our scope of work requires different services such as survey points, database creation, and GIS map projections. With VM, we decompile the traditional work, said Chris Dandreit, FFD Project Manager.
  • Helicopter pilots: Remote Helicopters (RH) serves various industries in Canada, such as oil and gas, construction, mining, and forestry management to detect fires, assist with search and rescue, perform surveillance, and inspect power-lines. RH used to collect infrared and plain videos and gas data but used a difficult and time-consuming process to identify their geographic locations, even for short videos. We used a GPS receiver while videotaping, manually review and cross-reference the track log locations with the video frames, and mark them on the map. VM automatically geotag miles of video footage", said Dallas White, RH Pilot.
  • Wildlife surveyors: Owyhee Air Research (OAR), an Idaho company that specializes in aerial wildlife surveying and reconnaissance, and natural resources data acquisition. "Our clients needed the GPS location of the animals for statistical analysis. VM gave us confidence, our clients trust our accuracy and quality of work", said John Romero, OAR pilot.
  • Emergency responders: New South Wales State Emergency Services (NSWSES) is the primary emergency responder in New South Wales for flood, storms, and tsunamis. "I wanted to geotag videos and photos to layer them over maps to make an interactive map for the public to see real-time imagery of flooding by clicking the map. Geotagging would allow us to automate the process", said Timothy Keown, NSWSES swift water rescue technician, flood boat operator, and storm damage responder volunteer.

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