Innovations from Red Hen Systems

NEWSLETTER January, 2016

2015 was another productive year at Red Hen Systems. We are proud of our recent accomplishments:

  • Successfully introduced MediaMapper Mobile to the National Geospatial Intelligence IGAPP store.
  • Provided Tactical Handheld Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) tools for military and US government workers.
  • Collaborated on best practices for methane leak detection with National Environmental Technology Lab (NETL).
  • Expanded RHS video mapping capabilities with the VMS-K2 with ad-hoc conversion into GEM2MISB. 
  • Upgraded RHS geospatial software tools--IsWhere, Media Geotagger and GEM2MISB.
  • Developed tools for Sony 4K action cam users. 

Read more about these innovations below.

Handheld Tools for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence (NGA) App store qualified MediaMapper Mobile (MMM) as the second app by a private developer to be available to military and USG personnel for free at the NGA App Store ( Credentialed employees will be able to download MMM soon at their online store. Private citizens can download a similar app at the Google Play Store.
  • The Tactical Handheld Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Toolkit (THIS-R) is a highly functional, integrated set of tools for field use and foreign internal defense (FID). This mobile unit, developed by ISR Manager Bruce Donaldson, is a turn-key configuration of cameras, software, GPS and a laser rangefinder,  and . Based on his years of military service, Bruce demonstrated the product's usefulness at several military summits last year.
Methane Leak Detection Solution for Pipeline Integrity
  • Red Hen is advancing the science that helps identify and measure methane emissions from pipelines and infrastructure in the oil and gas industry. RHS collaborated with the National Environmental Technology Lab (NETL) and Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science.  Here is a ground photo of Pipe-I In the field in Pennsylvania
  • NETL's Mumbi Mundia-Howe gave us a shout-out at the 2015 CH4 Conference in Houston this fall, discussing Red Hen System's partnering role in developing best-in-class methane detection practices.
New Firmware, New Software and Upgrades
  • VMS-K2 takes video mapping and geotagging to the next level. Its capabilities include multi-baud rate, bluetooth GPS, LED light display, soft feature (programmable) triggers, 3-button feature trigger and push to talk intercom. It has the capacity to add sensors that measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, pitch, roll, yaw, anemometer, above ground level (AGL). It integrates with Sony Steadyshot and VMS-mobile. Call for details.
  • New versions of isWhere and Media GeoTagger are available. The new Media Geotagger software syncs GPS track logs with photos, video, and audio notes that were taken without a GPS-enabled camera. The new isWhere is a Google Earth plug-in that decodes videos and images captured with a VMS-333 or MediaMapper Mobile app and then displays their locations on Google Earth.
  • GEM2MISB converts video taken with off-the-shelf-cameras to KLV, which is compliant with the Motion Industry Standards Board (MISB). Upload the converted videos into PAR GV 3.0 or use Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop FMV add-in tool to complete the process. 
  • Media Geotagger and IsWhere now turn Sony's 4K action camera into a powerful video tool for geospatial hobbyists or professionals.


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