International Security Cooperation Summit - Tampa, FL

International Security Cooperation Summit - Red Hen Systems Sponsor


Red Hen Systems, LLC (RHS) is proudly sponsoring the International Security Cooperation Summit from August 29 to 31 at the Sheraton San Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Apply the RHS discount code when you register: ISCS_REDHEN (%20 discount)

"IQPC is pleased to announce the International Security Cooperation Summit, the latest event in our Special Operations Series of events, providing an in-depth look at current and future requirements to build partner capacity, working within the framework of our multilateral, regional, and bilateral defense relations within the Central Region.

Over the three-day summit, we will take an in-depth look at increasing return-on-investment cooperation in the security sector, including programs toTrain and Equip forces to conduct Counterterrorism (CT) and Stability Operations. We will also look at requirements to develop partner nation Special Operations Forces (SOF) capacity, Border Security, Maritime Security, Logistics, Civil Affairs, Defense Institutions, and others.

We will kick off the summit with a deep-dive focus day examining security cooperation activities specifically focused on addressing the transnational threat posed by ISIL. Countering this deadly violent extremist organization is not just about find, fix, and finish – it necessitates a comprehensive approach with coordination and cooperative activities across the full spectrum of activity with our partners.  We will look at specific capability development, sustainment of that capability, strategic goals, and the necessary adaptability of programs to anticipate and respond to emergent and dynamic requirements" (International Security Cooperation Summit, 2016.)