MediaMapper Mobile Webinar

Geotag videos and photos with MediaMapper Mobile app


Want to snap a photo and shoot videos of a personal trip, professional tour, or work mission, and show people where you were?
Maybe a picture is not enough. Need to capture distance measurements, altitude, or temperature?
MediaMapper Mobile is the only GPS-enabled mobile app that automatically geotags photos, videos, and audio recordings, and embeds other environmental info. 
Run it from your Android device, or connect to a GoPro or Sony camera via WIFI. Import geotagged photos from Nikon DSLR and other Red Hen products!

MediaMapper Mobile Webinar
Android App to Geotag Videos and Photos
Tuesday, May 10, 11-11:30am MDT

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MediaMapper Mobile Demo - Red Hen Systems

MediaMapper Mobile Key Features and Benefits
  • Collect geotagged photos, videos and audio notes.
  • Mark points of interest as you see them.
  • Generate track logs of the media.
  • View geotagged media and data information on Google Earth.
  • Annotate photo thumbnails on a satellite map to call attention to details.
  • Generate a PDF of photos or map screens, complete with GPS and LRF info.
  • Control a DSLR, GoPro, Sony and Laser Range Finder via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Use photo triangulation to determine the location of remote objects.
  • Generate a KML file of your route for later viewing in Google Earth for Android.
  • Use the new VMS-USB Decorder device to watch a GEM video on any video playback device (PC, laptop, television) while viewing a moving map on your Android device.
  • Create geotagged customized data forms.

For more information visit the MediaMapper Mobile page, send an email to or call us (970) 493.3952

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