Newsletter | January 2017

By: Magaly Mori
Real-time Video Geotagging and Mapping Technologies.

We hope you had a fun holiday season. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Since 1997, we have provided to our valuable customers, geospatial media mapping technologies for efficient ground and aerial data collection and analysis. Our real-time geotagging software and hardware adds GPS coordinates and vital metadata to videos and photos. Our GIS software maps media and data in Google Earth and ESRI ArcMap.

NEW PRODUCT | RAK-Road Assessment Kit

Test drive our RAK-Road Assessment kit. This all-inclusive kit utilizes real-time video geotagging with our patented video mapping system: VMS-333. This easy to install and operate kit can assess road conditions, bridges, curbs, sidewalks, signs and more. The results of the road survey are mapped out on Google Earth or ESRI's ArcMap. Empower your GIS and management teams to make important decisions efficiently with Red Hen System's RAK. Learn more.



Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit - Exportable

  • DMRT-EX - Geotags photos from large distances using a laser range finder.
    • Brand new design. Classes and aerial training available.  
  • VMS-333 - Video Mapping System - Geotags videos and photos in real-time.
    • If you are a VMS-333 owner, download VMS-Mobile Android app for free, its remote utility, to custom name features of interest during patrols that will then readily appear on the mapped videos as labeled placemarks.
  • Pipe-I - Methane leak detection and mapping with optical gas imaging and laser. 
    • Features a new portable and battery operated power supply providing up to 80W of power for any peripheral sensor.
  • IsWhere 3.2.0 - Maps geotagged videos and photos in Google Earth.
    • Load, save and share projects with other IsWhere users.
    • Clip geotagged videos.
    • Add subtitles with data information, including MGRS, to the videos.
      Learn more.
  • IsWhere 3.1.0 - Detects and displays the integration of our data gathering system to these sensors:
    • Airmar 200wx Ultrasonic WeatherStation Instrument.
    • Heath Consultants Detekto Pak-Infrared(DP-IR).
    • Los Gatos Research(LGR) Ultra-Portable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer.
  • GEM2MISB 1.2.0 - Converts GEM videos to MISB compliant full motion video format.
    • Supports Garmin Virb videos.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT | Trials, Tutorials, Data Samples, Webinars & Workshops 

We have developed a set of tools to educate and train our prospects and current valuable customers:


Best Practices in Pipeline Leak Detection Workshop - 09.27.16 Video sessions available.
This one-day workshop covered the top-down aerial patrols, bottom-up ground pipeline patrols, midstream regulations and processes, flux measurements and an overview of regulatory compliance and best practices. It was a well-attended event with 70 guests, including distinguished speakers from the energy industry, regulation personnel and academia. We are thankful to our sponsors, speakers and attendees, and humbled by the positive feedback received. Learn more.


EVENTS | Forums & Webinars


Four Corners CH4 Emissions Forum - 01.17.17
Red Hen Systems will be meeting at San Juan College, School of Energy in Farmington, New Mexico to set up an innovative communication forum about methane emissions detection at the wellheads with Native American Tribal officials, Four corners O&G operators, Bureau of Land Management and other relevant players in the region. Learn more.


  • Media Mapper Mobile (Government version) - 02.02.17
  • For the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - GEOINT APPSTORE
  • Geotagging & Mapping - 03.07.17 
  • RAK - Road Assessment Kit - 04.04.17
  • Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit Ex (DMRT-Ex) - 05.09.17 
  • Pipeline Service - 06.06.17
  • Media Geotagger - 07.04.17
  • MediaMapper Mobile - 08.08.17
  • GEM2MISB - 09.05.17
    Learn more.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more news from the Red Hen coop in our next newsletter.

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Red Hen Systems team