Newsletter | October 2017

Fall with Red Hen Systems

This fall, we are: 

  • completing a methane emission detection project. Learn more here. 
  • adding features to numerous products, including our Road Assessment Kit and IsWhere. 
  • attending multiple events and producing webinars. 
  • working with organizations around the world to make their work more accurate, efficient, and affordable.

In this webinar, you will learn why and how to locate natural gas methane emissions along pipelines, wellheads, and oil & gas facilities at an affordable price.

Learn how we find natural gas methane emissions along pipelines, wellheads, and oil and gas facilities. Sign up for the webinar here. 
October 31 at 10 a.m. MDT

  • State of the Map Conference, October 19-20
  • 2017 Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenge Annual Implementation Workshop, October 24-26
  • 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium, October 30-31 
  • CH4: Methane Emissions Conference, December 12-13  
Will you be attending one of the conferences? Please make sure to say hello to our team. We are eager to meet you!

Email to set up a meeting.
FEATURED PRODUCT: Road Assessment Kit

Road Assessment Kit | RAK Categorize road conditions in real-time, geotag pavement

Road Assessment Kit | RAK Categorize road conditions in real-time


Fast: Spend less than 30 minutes setting up RAK. Save time, save money. 

Easy to use: Use a mobile app to capture, categorize and video-map the location of your pavement conditions (such as potholes and cracks), traffic signs, vegetation and more on IsWhere, our streamlined, dynamic mapping platform. IsWhere is also compatible with ESRI. 

Affordable: Supplement your data between annual road surveys at a fraction of the cost of large firms operating single-purpose equipment. The basic kit starts at $8,500.

Versatile: Set up RAK on any car. Any of your team members can collect data.

Powerful: Make informed decisions with this reliable solution. You are given complete control over your infrastructure management with RAK.

Learn more!

UPDATED PRICING: IsWhere and Media Geotagger


  • IsWhere Subscription License: $97 per year 
  • IsWhere Perpetual License: $495 
  • IsWhere Perpetual License Upgrade: $155 

IsWhere now supports 360 content. Collect your content with your desired device, geotag it with Media Geotagger, and view it in IsWhere. Learn more here.

Media Geotagger

  • Media Geotagger Subscription License: $95 per year
  • Media Geotagger Perpetual License: $295 
  • Media Geotagger Perpetual License Upgrade: $155

Learn more about our pricing updates and the software features on our website.

TESTIMONIAL: Four Front Design calls MediaMapper Mobile a Critical Application

Geotag, organize media

Multi-discipline architecture and engineering firm Four Front Design uses Red Hen Systems MediaMapper Mobile to plan their projects.

Project Manager Chris Bandreit, a planner, and landscape architect, manages the company's building, infrastructure and construction period projects. During the past year, he has focused on a GIS project for a veteran's administration.

"MediaMapper Mobile is critical in our photography phase," Bandreit said. "Our scope of work requires many different services such as survey points, database creation, and GIS map projections."
Read more here.

Android application MediaMapper Mobile is available for $1.99 on GooglePlay.

Thank you for reading!