Tactical Handheld Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (THISR™) Webinar

Tactical Handheld Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
Tactical Handheld Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (THISR™)

July 12, 11am-12pm MDT 
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THISR™ is an advanced ISR asset providing a real-time solution to operators and mission teams. 

  • Why: THISR™ provides the tools needed to capture the first person view on the battlefield. 
  • What: THISR™ is the integration of three core collection technologies: Random Access Full Motion Video with mapping integration, 360 immersive rendering, and light UAV/UAS. Together, all three technologies provide critical information to the operator for use in planning superior missions, enhancing situational awareness and protecting forces. 
  • How: Red Hen Systems Government Services has integrated the technology for a non-ITAR, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Tactical Handheld ISR kit.

Quickly collecting and analyzing information relevant to a unit's mission is critical to its outcome. THISR™ meets those requirements. Highlights:

  • Convert video collected with customer-off-the-shelf cameras to MISB-compliant KLV.
  • Can be integrated with other technologies.
  • Man portable/light-weight.
  • Can be assembled in 48 hours or less.
  • Near-Real-Time Dissemination and Surveillance.
  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf.
  • Non-ITAR.
  • ITAR variations.
  • Deployable to surrogate forces.
  • Modular/adaptive.
  • Operational in covert and overt situations.
  • Integrates into current and future technological system paradigms.
  • Deployable in highly dynamic situations.
  • Force protection.
  • Easy to learn to use and operate.

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