To register your new Red Hen Systems software, follow this simple process.

  1. Open your Red Hen software.
  2. If the Software Registration Wizard does not pop up, click Help. 
    1. Scroll down to Software Registration. 
    2. Please answer all survey questions to begin your registration. 
      Warning! Do not click through the survey questions and try to register by the Internet. You must use the Registration Wizard.
  3. Click through to the Enter Product Information page and enter the provided serial number located on the original software packaging.

    Software Registration Screenshot

  4. Email the following information to
    1. Serial Number
    2. User Identifier (Calculated)
    3. User Phone Number
    4. User Email Address
  5. Your release and module-unlock codes will be generated and e-mailed back to you. If prompted for an upgrade, press Cancel. There are currently no upgrades beyond the software you have received. 
  6. When you receive your Release Code and Module Code, do the following:
    1. Click through to How Would You Like To Register? 
    2. Select “I have been given my release code and am ready to enter it.