Pipeline Leak Detection Services

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Aerial Survey

Red Hen Systems has a network of channel partners across the United States that have all the necessary supplemental type certifications and training to conduct methane emission detection surveys.

  • Helicopters
    Red Hen Systems contracts with helicopter owners and operators around the United States and Canada to provide excellent service and reports. The Pipeline Leak Detection Kit (PLDK) can be mounted to these types of helicopters:
    • Bell 206B3 JetRanger and LongRanger
    • Robison: R44 Astro/Raven II and R66
    • Airbus: AS350
    • Airbus Twin Star: AS355

*If you do not operate one of the above helicopters or have an approved flight company who operates different makes and models, please call us to 970.493.3952 or e-mail us with your equipment information. We will follow up with your request withing 24 business hours.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs & Drones)
    Red Hen Systems technology is set up and configured to operate on UAVs/UAS/drones, however, these aerial vehicles are not yet practical for pipeline leak detection dual detection system for a couple of reasons:
    • The equipment currently used to perform the surveys weighs approximately 52 lbs., which requires a large, costly UAV with substantial power in order to perform reasonable distances.
    • Line of sight is currently required for UAV use, which means that the surveyor would only be able to survey 1-2 miles of pipeline from one location.
    • UAVs should be used in conjunction with Red Hen Systems hardware to perform route evaluations for determining the best location for new pipeline corridors and other short run geotagged video and photo needs.
Ground Survey
  • Truck
    Red Hen Systems technicians will mount the gas finder laser on any truck, SUV, or car that has a luggage rack, the vehicle window needs to be down in order to utilize the optical gas imaging camera (OGI). Although this is not as practical for pipeline surveys, it is highly functional for facility surveys.
  • Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTVs)
    Red Hen Systems has the ability to perform pipeline corridor survey using UTVs if the proper brackets are fabricated on the UTV to hold the equipment. Call us to 970.493.3952 or e-mail us with the approximate location, miles, and time frame if you are considering a UTV survey. Please, let us know if you will supply the UTV or if you would like Red Hen Systems to operate turnkey for you.
Additional applications
  • Right of Way
  • Vegetation Management
  • Erosion Control – critical structures
  • HCA – high consequence area survey / house count
  • Route Evaluation
  • Encroachment
  • Visual
Operational Qualification & Evaluator
  • Operation Qualification. More information.
  • Operation Evaluator
    • Leakage Survey: conducting leak survey with leak detection device.
    • Inspect Navigable Waterway Crossing: inspection of navigable waterway crossing.
    • Leakage Survey(Aerial): conducting leak survey with leak detection device from aircraft.
    • CPM Leak Detection: operation, maintenance, testing, record keeping, and dispatcher training of CPM leak detection system.
    • Locate Line and Place/Maintain Line Markers: location of pipeline, installation of temporary markers, and placing maintaining of permanent pipeline markers.
    • Locate Line and Place/Maintain Line Markers(Submerged): location and marking submerged pipelines.
    • Mapping/Surveying: data collection for as-built drawings and other requirements.
    • Patrolling pipeline: patrolling pipeline and monitoring ROW encroachment.
    • Right of Way: Maintenance : controlling right of way erosion.
  • Veriforce-CCT 434 Visual Inspection of Installed Pipe and Components for Mechanical Damage (434)
  • Veriforce-CCT 701 Patrolling Pipeline and Leakage Survey Without Instrument (701)
  • Veriforce-CCT 725 Aerial Leakage Survey: Transmission (725)
  • Veriforce-CCT 728 Aerial Leakage Survey: Transmission (UV/IR) (728)
Pipeline Leak Detection Kit

Red Hen Systems provides a Pipeline Leak Detection Kit so you can detect methane emissions. You can customize the kit with the following products: