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Blue2CAN V2 is a simple plug-in for Nikon 300, 300S, and D800 cameras that geotags digital still images. Use Blue2CAN with any Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit to automatically record the geographic position of every picture you take. With this information, the location of each image can be shown on a map. Blue2CAN V2 plugs directly into the front of your Nikon camera without the use of any cables. It uses only a small amount of power from your camera to operate its Bluetooth radio and automatically connect to any Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit in proximity.


Blue2CAN V2 is the perfect solution for anyone who already owns a Nikon camera and wants to add valuable GPS data to their images. With this simple add-on, you can take the camera you have and use it wherever you’d like. There is no configuration required – just plug it in, turn on your GPS unit, and start shooting. There are no buttons to push except the shutter!

The Blue2CAN V2 has been successfully used with Holux, Wintec, and GlobalSat brand Bluetooth GPS Receivers.


  • Remote Camera Trigger
  • Automatic Bluetooth GPS Pairing
  • No Cables
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Quick GPS Signal Access
  • No Postprocessing
  • Interfaces with VMS-Mobile or MediaMapper Mobile
  • GPS Hold Functionality
  • Compatible with GPS/GLONASS

Blue2CAN V2


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