Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit

Locate objects from a distance


How to georeference your aerial photos? DMRT is a geospatial intelligence system that integrates the critical tools to capture the GPS coordinates of your targets and build detailed maps of areas of interest for post-analysis of missions. DMRT-EX is a custom integration of cameras, a laser rangefinder, GPS unit, and software linked through Red Hen System's VMS-333 video mapping system.

The VMS-333 encodes multiple geo-referenced sensor metadata records into a single data stream and combines this metadata with photographic and video imagery. Data multiplexing capabilities are available for two different mission types--nadir and oblique ground observation missions:

  • The nadir mission will provide an automated process to create a seamless orthogonal geo-referenced photographic mosaic of the entire flight path that can be used to produce 3D terrain models of the ground below.
  • The oblique mission provides the functionality to take at-will photographs of ground-based areas of interest from a handheld SLR camera, and geo-reference these photographs with the location of the ground target using coupled laser rangefinder technology.
Features & Benefits: 
  • Lightweight, integrated design
  • Compatible with laser rangefinders of varying power
  • Efficient post-mission analysis process
  • Wide range of applications
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Android Tablet
  • isWhere Software
  • MediaMapper Mobile Software
  • VMS-333
  • VMS-Mobile Software
  • Memory Cards
  • Case
  • Harness
  • Training