Geospatial Hardware

Collect geotagged videos and photos


RAK-Road Assessment Kit

An affordable way to categorize roads in real-time
Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit Exportable-DMRT-EX

Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit Exportable DMRT-EX

Geospatial system for aerial data collection and mapping of geotagged photos
geospatial media mapping technology-ground and aerial data collection-geotaged videos photos and audio notes-video mapping system-vms-333

Video Mapping System VMS-333

Geospatial hardware for ground and aerial data collection of geotagged videos, photos, and audio notes

Pipe-I Finds Natural Gas Methane Emissions

Methane Leak Detection and Mapping with Optical Gas Imaging and Laser


The perfect solution for anyone who already owns Nikon camera and wants to add valuable GPS data to their images