Map geotagged videos and photos in Google Earth


Map your geotagged videos and photos in Google Earth with IsWhere. IsWhere shows you the GPS coordinates of where photos and videos were taken, track log, and sensor data simultaneously. It provides a good visual update of terrestrial and aerial and surveys including construction progress, pipeline and powerline monitoring, natural disaster assessment, animal migration patterns and so on. A moving cursor indicates the exact GPS location of the camera during video playback. Colored icons in Google Earth indicate the targets captured during the data collection. You can clip sections and individual images from the video. IsWhere is an easy-to-use mapping solution for novices and GIS experts looking for a 3D cartographic representation of their geospatial data collections.

Download the IsWhere 7-day trial for free. If you have any questions, please email or call us at 970.493.3952.

How to geotag videos and photos?

You can geotag your media in real-time with MediaMapper Mobile Android app or VMS-333 (video mapping system) or post-process with Media Geotagger software.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Map geotagged videos, photos and audio in Google Earth
  • Frame capture feature extracts still images from video and saves as a geotagged JPEG image
  • Produces video clips
  • Intervalometry feature available for frame capture
  • Display multiple track logs on the map
  • Audio enabled
  • Georeferences text files, .doc, .docx, .pdf
  • Spatial perimeter of interest (SPOI) support
  • Download and installation assistance