Media Geotagger

Geotag your 360 videos


Do you want to geotag your 360 photos and videos, but your camera lacks a GPS sensor? Media Geotagger is your solution. It syncs GPS track logs with photos and videos taken without a GPS-enabled camera. 

Geotag your videos and photos post-process with Media Geotagger. View exactly where your media was taken in Google Earth (through Red Hen Systems' IsWhere) or ArcMap (through Esri's ArcGIS component to view, edit, create, and analyze geospatial data). 

Whether you are taking video with an action-camera, snapping photos of wildlife in remote mountains with a high-end camera, recording damage after a natural disaster with a simple digital camera, or capturing a holiday adventure with friends with your phone, Media Geotagger shows you the exact location of the data you are collecting.

Download the Media Geotagger 7-day trial for free. If you have any questions, please email or call us at 970.493.3952.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Geotag videos and photos post-process
  • Supports 360 cameras
  • Accepts .gpx or .nmea files as input for GPS track logs
  • Manual tagging option available
  • Geotags multiple media together
  • Download and installation assistance