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MediaMapper Mobile

Real-time geotagging app

Turns any Android into a geospatial and digital mapping device. 

Know where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.

MediaMapper Mobile is a comprehensive geotagging and media collection Android mobile application. With it, take photos, capture videos, and record audio notes – and automatically geotag them. The app is perfect for researchers, pipeline inspectors, disaster workers, travelers, and more!

You can see the photos and videos on your screen, display their exact locations on a map, and view any associated GPS, sensor, or Laser Range Finder information. Plus, you can share the information by email with someone else almost instantly – making field work easily accessible by all team members. 









    Use a compatible Android phone or tablet device to snap high-resolution photos, record videos or audio notes, and identify points of interest as you go.

    • Connect via Bluetooth to devices such as a high-accuracy GPS receiver, Laser Range Finder, or Sensor Tag and record diverse GPS and environmental data: slope distance, inclination, azimuth, percent humidity, temperature, and more.
    • Upload media to MediaMapper Server or send photos in KMZ format via email for easy viewing on Google Earth.
    • View the locations of photos and videos directly on Android Google Maps.
    • Convert photos and maps to PDF documents for quick annotation – you can even add a QR code to quickly show photo locations on the map; then share them with others via email.
    • Use your KML files to create a Google Earth for Android Virtual Tour so you can fly over the map, traveling the route as if you are in the pilot’s seat!
    • Preview a photo you’ve just taken with an external Sony camera and decide whether to save it or discard and reshoot it.
    • Keep track of how many external Sony Camera photos you’ve taken. 
    • Perform automatic image transfer with Sony HX90v Point & Shoot WiFi-enabled cameras.
    • Generate real-time QR codes with GPS location data embedded in them.



    MediaMapper Mobile is available for download at the GEOINT App Store at no cost for credentialed United States Government employees, first responders and the Department of Defense.

    * Use Internet Explorer to open the GEOINT App Store
    Features & Benefits: 
    • --------- Embed GPA Data ----------
    • Embed GPS and orientation data in your photos or video recordings with synchronized GPS “side car” files. Optionally, embed GPS data in the audio track of your videos.
    • Embed Laser Range Finder measurement data in your photos.
    • While recording a video, generate a real-time QR code for any location. Later, watch the video and scan the code to see the location on Google Maps.
    • ---------- Collect Data ----------
    • Snap still photos or videos, and mark points of interest as you see them.
    • Mark points of interest as you see them.
    • Fill out data collection forms.
    • Use photo triangulation to determine the location of a remote object.
    • Remotely control an external Sony Wi-Fi enabled camera to shoot still photos or videos.
    • Generate a PDF of any photo or map screen, complete with GPS and LRF information.
    • Annotate photo thumbnails on a satellite map to call attention to details.
    • ---------- View Photos and Videos of Your Route ----------
    • View photo locations on Google Earth.
    • Use the new VMS-USB Decoder device to watch a GEM video on any video playback device (PC, laptop, television) while viewing a moving map on your Android device.
    • Watch a video and view the route where it was captured on a map screen on your Android device.
    • Generate a KML file of your route for later viewing in Google Earth for Android.
    • MediaMapper Mobile sotfware application