Nikon 10 pin Adapter Cable

Connect a DSLR to the VMS-333

The Nikon 10 pin Adapter Cable has a 6 pin Hirose push-pull type connection and secures to the DSLR port of the VMS-333. The 10 pin connector plugs into and fastens to a Nikon's 10 pin port. Contact between these two devices enables the operator to take pictures by a remote trigger or at controlled intervals. The intervals can be based on either time, distance traveled, or (if the camera is in a nadir orientation) the area covered given the camera's field of view. Each photo taken will be geotagged if there is an acquired GPS fix.
Features & Benefits: 
  • Connect a DSLR camera to a VMS-333 for remote accessibility
  • Geotag your photos
  • Nikon 10-pin to Hirose Adapter Cable 4 ft. cable length
  • VMS-333
  • Nikon DSLR with 10 pin port