Pipeline Leak Detection Kit

Locate methane emissions with optical gas imaging, mapping, and analytics with laser


Why use the Pipeline Leak Detection Kit?

Many of the world’s natural gas transmission pipelines cross undeveloped and sparsely populated land. Natural vegetation quickly grows back after a pipeline has been laid, making it practically impossible to implement ground-based survey programs to detect leaks. Periodic emission detection surveys are essential considering that leaking natural gas can cause explosions leading to loss of lives, propeties, infrastructure, and profits. In some parts of the world, it is estimated that such losses exceed 15% of gas transmitted. The Pipeline Leak Detection Kit (PLDK) locates methane leaks along pipeliens, wellheads, and facilities effectively and inexpensively with optical gas imaging, mapping and analytics to contribute to a more periodic aerial or ground survey patrols.

  • It's reliable. PLDK data is backed up three independent ways to ensure successful data collection.
  • It's operator-friendly. PLDK can be mounted on an automobile or helicopter.
  • It's versatile. You can add infrared camera technology to gain additional information about the nature of identified methane emissions.
  • It's an affordable solution.
  • It's lighter weight.
How does it work?

PLDK method utilizes a laser, GPS, optical gas imaging camera (OGI), anemometer, and video mapping system (VMS). The Boreal GasFinder2-AB laser counts the methane levels three times per second with a fidelity of 0.2 ppm (parts per milion). The OGI (e.g., FLIR) captures video of the plume showing where the gas is escaping. The VMS embeds the data from the laser, GPS, OGI, anemometer, date and time, travel speed, into a video file geotagging the exact location of methane leaks along the pipeline. Once the patrol is completed, the data can be transferred on an external drive or ellectronically to Red Hen Systems' GIS analysts, who will decode the video, extract the methane concentration, GPS coordinates, and time data to smaller text files, and map the video. You will see the map results with color-coded dots so you can respond quickly to ares of concern.

* A basic report is available within 24 hours, M-T. Patrols can then be viewed on a map and compared by company personnel in real time or at any time. Recommended in-depth reports are available with additional lead time.

Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Red Hen Systems provides Pipeline Leak Detection Services including right-of-way, vegetation management, waterway, and common or multi-corridor analysis, as an additional way to maximize pipeline companies' return on investment for methane leak pipeline patrols.