Software Updates

IsWhere 3.2.0
  • Make a report with the total duration of the videos, distance surveyed, and count of loaded video files by pressing the general info button.
  • Add subtitles with data information, including MGRS, to the videos.
  • Load, save and share projects with other IsWhere users.
  • Use the former GEM decoder.
  • Clip geotagged videos.
  • Delete multiple files.
  • Turn off the feature trigger labels on the map.
  • Arrange features of interest by category by generating a shp file of all the videos loaded.
  • Convert DMRT, Digital Mapping Reconnaissance Toolkit, data to shp file and analyze it in ESRI ArcMap.
IsWhere 3.1.0
  • Airmar 200wx Ultrasonic WeatherStation Instrument.
  • Heath Consultants Detekto Pak-Infrared(DP-IR).
  • Los Gatos Research(LGR) Ultra-Portable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer.
GEM2MISB 1.2.0
  • Supports Garmin Virb videos.