Four Front Design calls MediaMapper Mobile a "Critical" Application

Multi-discipline architecture and engineering firm Four Front Design uses Red Hen Systems MediaMapper Mobile to plan their projects.

Project Manager Chris Bandreit, a planner and landscape architect, manages the company’s building, infrastructure and construction period projects. During the past year, he has focused on a GIS project for a veteran’s administration.

“MediaMapper Mobile is critical in our photography phase,” Bandreit said. “Our scope of work requires many different services such as survey points, database creation, and GIS map projections.”

Because MediaMapper Mobile accurately geotags photographs, Bandreit’s team is able to “phase the work and decompile the traditional work.” The team saves money but maintains a “highly accurate end project.”

FourFront Design has used MediaMapper Mobile for one year, and they have decided to use it for the second year. The team tested other applications, but they found that MediaMapper Mobile gave them what they needed: accurate geotagged photos with .xml files.