Timothy Keown - New South Wales State Emergency Services

Timothy Keown is a volunteer for New South Wales State Emergency Services. His organization is the primary emergency responder in New South Wales for flood, storms and tsunamis. As a rescuer, Timothy acts as a swiftwater rescue technician, flood boat operator and storm damage responder. 

Timothy looked to use MediaMapper Mobile as a tool in his work. 

"I was hoping to be able to geotag photos so we could layer them over maps and make an interactive map for the public to see real time (or historical) imagery of flooding in a location by clicking the map," Timothy said. "Geotagging would possibly allow us to automate the process." 

Because of resterictions on internatioanal use from the app store, Timothy was unable to receive MMM in time for his project. However, he said he was impressed by Red Hen Systems staff and their effort to get him the materials he needed. 

"As an applicant from another country I was highly impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff, particularly Deepa, to get me online and access the system which by all appearances was limited to USA applicants. Although the timeframe did not work out, the efforts were greatly appreciated."